Hallockville Teacher Program

Coming this Fall: Join professional educators, historians, and local experts for a series of workshops devoted to sustainability, traditional crafts, food, and the immigrant experience. The workshops are open to teachers of K-12 and to those seeking personal enrichment. Depending on the requirements of individual school districts, teachers may have the opportunity to earn either professional development hours and/or a ½-credit toward salary increments.

Saturday, Sept. 18th, 9-12 am: Sustainability
This first class will focus on the theme of sustainability—then and now. How might 19th-century practices be used in our own lives? How can we help our students be more “environmentally friendly?” Led by local historian Richard Wines, participants will visit several stops along Hallockville’s Sustainability Trail, including a visit to the Old Homestead, house and barn. Following the discussion and visit, participants will attend a curriculum workshop, facilitated by Susan Babkes, a teacher and professor of history for more than forty years, where they will develop lesson plans and classroom activities pertaining to the theme of sustainability.

Saturday, Sept. 25th, 9-12:30 am: Traditional Crafts
This class will begin in Greenport at the Village Blacksmith Shop, where local artisan Tom Barry, a retired special-education teacher, will demonstrate his craft. Mr. Barry will discuss the role of a blacksmith in the past and how it has evolved in modern times. Upon return to Hallockville, marvel at quilting and wood-working demonstrations, as local artisans demonstrate and discuss their craft. Participants will receive a copy of Sound Ave. Quilter, which includes historic anecdotes and photos dating back to the 19th century.

Saturday, October 2nd, 9-12 am: The Immigrant Experience
Join Richard Wines, local historian and author, and Marie Fitzgerald, a retired professor of history, as they discuss the immigrant experience on the North Fork—then and now. Dr. Wines, who grew up on Sound Ave., will discuss the arrival of immigrants to the North Fork and how they established themselves and their families, developing into prosperous communities. Gain a glimpse of rural life during the Great Depression and follow Paul Hoffman, who led the efforts to restore the Cichanowicz House, as he leads participants through the “Cich House.” Dr. Fitzgerald will conclude the morning with a review and discussion of the 1930 Census. [Teachers hoping to earn credit will find this workshop particularly relevant.]

Saturday, October 16th, 9-12 am: Farm to Table
Join local gardeners, cooks and educators Susan Babkes and Lois Leonard for an exploration of colonial cooking techniques, recipes, and folklore. Lois will lead a brief walk around the farm where participants will see gardens and farm animals much as they were in the 19th century. Following a brief demonstration in the kitchen of the Old Homestead, the workshop will end with a hands-on cooking class led by Susan Babkes, where participants will have a chance to make authentic Hallockville Johnny Cakes!

$50 per session/person

All participants will receive a copy of Receipts and Reminiscences of the Hallock Family and Friends, a delightful collection of family anecdotes, photos and recipes.