The Hallockville Education Committee explores and develops new ideas for education of both adults and children with staff participation and in accordance with the Mission of Hallockville Museum Farm. The Committee also helps locate funding sources and assists with finding knowledgeable teachers, schools and libraries to increase awareness of the ‘Living Heritage’ at Hallockville. The Committee may also assist in providing training for educators. The Committee will advise the staff and volunteers in any way possible to expand and carry out existing educational programs.

Trees Glorious Trees

Welcome to Hallockville’s Friendly Dose of Nature
Here are some photos of trees you may see when you visit.
Trees have played a significant historic role in our lives and always will.
Trees are valuable because they:
1. prevent erosion.
2. provide homes for animals.
3. provide oxygen.
4. clean CO2 out of the air.
5. absorb heat from the sun.
6. provide food and shelter.
7. help bring rainfall.
8. prevent damage due to floods.
9. control noise pollution.
10. provide shade and cooling.
11. act as windbreaks
12. clean soil.

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A Friendly Dose of Nature

The Buildings of Hallockville

Our second unit about Hallockville Museum Farm concerns the nineteen historic buildings on location. We are highlighting just three of them at this time, with more being discussed in detail in the future.

Included in this presentation are:
A listing of the buildings on the farm
A write-up of each of the three highlighted buildings
Comprehension/discussion questions about each
Comparison ideas
Word games

We hope that you find this beneficial with information and ideas suitable for a wide range of levels and ages. We hope that you will return to this website frequently, and better yet, come for a visit!

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The Buildings of Hallockville