Join Us!

Since 1995 the Hallockville Gardeners have restored and maintained historic gardens originally planted by the Hallock family in the late 1700’s.

Join us as we care for a variety of historic gardens.  Connect with history and delve deep into historic roots. Learn how to work with varieties of plant materials used a century ago.


This garden re-creates the “kitchen garden” maintained by the Hallocks from 1765-1979. These gardens typically had a variety of vegetables, greens and herbs all within steps of the center of the household– the kitchen. Heirloom varieties are featured here.


Just outside the Homestead, the heirloom perennial beds feature a   variety of historic flowering plants and ornamental varieties typical of the 18th-19th century. These gardens offer opportunities to learn about rare varieties grown a century ago!


In addition, each season, individual plots in the organic community garden are rented to gardeners who tend and maintain a variety of vegetables, plants and flowers of their own. The garden serves as an educational resource for adult and youth programs.

Plant Your Roots!

Volunteers are needed to tend the Gardens of Hallockville.  There are many opportunities that can be tailored to suit your schedule. Gardeners with beginner to advanced skills are welcome.


Guided tours of the gardens are available by appointment. Call 631-298-5292 to plan y our visit.