Dear Friends of Hallockville,

Writing an annual appeal letter after what we’ve all been through this year is quite challenging. I like to accentuate the positive so let me tell you what happened at Hallockville this year and why we want you to continue supporting Hallockville Museum Farm into 2021 and beyond.

The first thing I did when I joined Hallockville (besides spending time meeting as many of you as possible) was to study all the various ways the Community comes together at Hallockville.  Hallockville has something for everyone.  I’ve met people who just like to walk the grounds; those that prefer to visit the animals; and those who like to get very hands on.  Patrons come to Hallockville to:

  • Paint with Beth Nehls group of skilled Plein Air artists
  • Work with the Building & Grounds team who are handy with tools and crafts; who repaired the Homestead Barn doors, fixed the fence, and replanted an Elm tree, to name just a few of their projects.
  • Join our Community Gardeners, Habitat Gardeners and enjoy the shared camaraderie of gardens well kept.
  • Take classes in basket weaving, quilting, knitting, crocheting, carving and other crafts.
  • Study our native habitat and experience life long learning about trees, bees (Hallockville Honeys), birds and potatoes.

We capped 2020 with a Robert David Lion Gardiner grant that funded a sustainability tour that you can access in person at Hallockville on your smartphone or at home on your computer.

All this isn’t possible without certain tangibles:  

  • An incredibly dedicated Board of Directors.
  • A group of volunteers across all platforms – from antique house cleaning to IT, to creation of a habitat and patrons like yourselves who have realized that Hallockville Museum Farm does provide a toehold of our shared history in an everchanging world.
  • Financial support from Membership, Federal/State/Local funding, grants and yes, this Annual Appeal.

Please take a moment to reflect on all the good we have done during this very difficult year.  Hopefully, you will want to enjoy our Fleece & Fiber Fair, Spring Tea, Annual Yard Sale, Country Fair, Blues in the Barn – Drive In Live Music, Country Parlor and more in 2021.  Our 28 acres makes social distancing a breeze! 

Won’t you please think about giving generously to Hallockville Museum Farm this year? 

We can’t do it without you.  Now we ask for your participation. Together, your contributions will support Hallockville Museum Farm’s recovery from the trials of the pandemic and enable us to continue to inspire future generations to take Long Island back to its family farming roots and explore their relevance today.  Help us create a vibrant, active and inclusive Hallockville community rooted in history and focused on the future.


Roberta Shoten

Executive Director

Hallockville Museum Farm

PS: Hallockville Museum Farm is a 501 (C) 3 not-for-profit organization, not a State, County, or Town facility. Hallockville is community-supported, and that community is you. We only exist because of your support.