History at Hallockville Program

The Hallockville Museum Farm re-connects the community with its agricultural heritage. The 28-acre farm preserves nineteen historic houses, barns and outbuildings ranging from the mid-18th century Hallock homestead to the Depression-era Cichanowicz farmhouse. Participants tour the museum’s buildings, gardens and collections; experience real farming in the museum’s fields; and meet Hallockville’s animals. Hallockville serves as an educational resource for all age-groups to raise awareness of Long Island’s agricultural heritage.

Join professional educators, historians, and local experts for a series of workshops devoted to sustainability, traditional crafts, food, and the immigrant experience.

The workshops are open to life long learners (everyone), including teachers and those seeking personal enrichment.

Depending on the requirements of individual school districts, teachers may have the opportunity to earn either professional development hours and/or a ½-credit toward salary increments.

All sessions run from 9 am—12 pm

$50 per session for members; $65 for non-members

Participating instructors include:

  • Susan Babkes, retired HS history teacher and professor
  • Tom Barry, retired special education teacher and blacksmith
  • Marie Fitzgerald (Ph.D.), retired history professor
  • Paul Hoffman, museum curator
  • MaryAnne Huntington, retired Suffolk Community College Academic Computing, docent
  • Connie Klos, retired IT expert, award-winning quilter, needlework teacher
  • Lois Leonard, retired speech/language pathologist
  • Richard Wines (Ph.D.), writer, historian, retired professor

Session 1 – Saturday, April 2, 2022: Sustainability
Learn about the historic “green” practices used by the Hallock family by walking the Sustainability Trail. Visit the Homestead and the Homestead Barn to see examples of their self-sustaining ways. Participants will discuss the meaning of sustainability and how it plays into today’s world.

Session 3 – Saturday, April 30, 2022: The Immigrant Experience
Participants will join local historians and retired history professors as they present an overview on immigration and the Polish arrival in Riverhead. Visit the Cichanowicz house and the Trubisz house. Discussion of the 1930 Census will follow.

Session 2 – Saturday, April 9, 2022: Traditional Crafts
Observe demonstrations by local artisans followed by a variety of hands-on activities. Participants will meet in Greenport at the Blacksmith shop to watch the note-worthy smithy engaging in his craft. Upon return to Hallockville Museum Farm there will be more artisans (quilters, weavers and carvers) awaiting the group.

Session 4 – Saturday, May 7, 2022: Farm to Table
Participants will discuss the role of food in the Hallock Homestead and in our lives today. A Tour of the farm will follow observing animals, gardens and buildings used on the farm in support of their survival. A demonstration of the wood burning stove in the Homestead will be included. The workshop will conclude with a hands-on cooking activity.