Special Exhibit:

All visitors must check in at the Hudson House first prior to visiting the exhibit or other museum buildings.
Our current special exhibit is “A Sound Avenue Legacy: Family Treasures Saved by Six Generations of Women.”

Hallockville Received Artifacts Spanning Six Generations, Fall 2019
Hallockville has been given an extensive collection of artifacts from a Michigan family with Sound Avenue roots – all from the estate of Marie Wells Remer and donated by her children, Deborah Remer and William Remer.  The treasures were carefully saved and cherished across six generations of women from the early 1800’s through the present.  Marie Wells Remer had taken everything with her to Michigan for safe keeping when she moved to her husbandʼs hometown. “The artifacts represent the warp and woof of farm life over the past two centuries,” said Hallockville historian Richard Wines. They range from a table linen woven from home-grown flax by the donorsʼ great-great-great-grandmother in the 1820s to a dress made by Marie Wells Remer out of fabric featuring images of the 1939 Worldʼs Fair.  In between are ceramics from the 1850’s, a spectacular plum colored wedding dress worn by the donorsʼ great-great grandmother in 1883 and a pair of striped wedding-night pajamas given to a groom by his father-in-law-to-be.
There are silver spoons that were popular wedding presents in the 1800-1850 period as well a large collection of paper dolls the donorsʼ mother played with in the 1920’s and 30’s.  The pieces range in size from baby teeth hidden by the tooth fairy in the 1920’s to an entire bedroom set purchased by a
newlywed Sound Avenue couple in 1884.  Mr. Wines explained that the original owners of all of these items are tied by complex kinship connections to the Hallock family who lived in Hallockville’s old homestead.

Exhibit curated by: Richard Wines, Mary Anne Huntington,

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